Analysis Of The Poem ' An Lullaby Song ' Essay

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An lullaby song was being played in the middle of Crocus, as it woke up some of the wizards, but some were putten into a deeper sleep.
All dragon slayers were woken up, by the lullaby being played.
Some of them walked out of their room to look around to find other wizards doing the same.
The black haired girl opened her door and peek out, rubbing her eyes to drive away the sleepiness away.
“What’s going on?” She murmured, before looking around to see Lucy was walking outside.
“Lucy!” Natsu called out Lucy, but she continued walking away.
Lucy walks pass Skylar, making her notice that Lucy’s eyes were dull.
Before, Skylar come blink, she has disappeared out of sight.
Team Natsu run out of the hotel to find Lucy. Skylar walked inside her room, taking her jacket, and sees Chloe curled up in a ball, sleeping. Skylar put on her boots and close the door, behind her.
She runs the same direction where Team Natsu went as she puts on her jacket.
Running out of the hotel, to find Lucy and Yukino running together while their friends run after them.
She caught up with them, while calling them out, until the girls make a stop and turned around.
“Hello young wizards, it’s a pleasure to meet you guys.” Lucy said, but it wasn’t her voice.
“What did you do with Lucy and Yukino?” Natsu exclaimed as Sting was next to him.
“Hm, I need these young celestial wizards in order to communicate.. I don’t want to reveal myself. That would ruin the fun.” Yukino said with a smirk,…

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