Analysis Of The Poem ' An Idle Hour ' Essay

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Throughout American history, the Native Americans have always been stepped on by European and United States governments. In the eyes of white people, Native Americans have been seen as unequal and inferior to them. Ever since Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas and started colonizing the New World, Native Americans have been pushed around or killed for their land. Quickly, Native Americans culture was lost and European colonies thrived. By the late 19th century, almost all of Native American cultures died off. Edward Curtis, a photographer, documented the daily lives of Native Americans. Through his photographs, Curtis humanized the Native Americans and allowed Americans to understand and respect them. One of his photographs, An Idle Hour, captures the emotions of Native Americans toward their fading cultures and allows Americans to empathize with them. Through a motif of unity, a mysterious mood, and an ironic title, Curtis demonstrates the moral need for the end of racism toward the Native American people.
In this photograph, Curtis documents the uniting of Native American groups for the purpose gaining their rights. The unification of the Native American people is represented by many elements in the photogravure. The individuals are sitting on a field gazing out onto a lake. Their clothings have different patterns, which show that these two people are from different Native American tribes. The fact that different Native American people are resting together imply…

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