Essay on Analysis Of The Poem ' An American Soldier '

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An American Soldier In World War 1 is a series of loving letters from a normal American soldier to his fiancé during World War 1. The author captivates the tragedies and normal day of life for an American soldier who fought in World War 1. The letters speak of unimaginable activities and tasks endured by American soldiers from enlisting to drafting. George “Brownie” Browne gives us, the audience and his fiancé, a new invigorating look into the difficulties of living, training, transporting to France, and the dangers in combat. Brownie’s superior hope and love for his affectionate fiancé Martha “Marty” Ingersoll Johnson gives great insight to his devotion in returning to America safely. Brownie is very specific on his daily activities to Marty. His dedication to write her almost everyday and about everything, even the simple things, is very impressive. He writes her about his first couple weeks in training. On July 9, 1917 Brownie writes Marty about his day from when he woke up at 5 AM to breakfast at 6 AM. Brownie talks about his love for milk, he explains to Marty how he will never drink the milk again in the mess hall because he’s convinced that “It didn’t look much like Jersey milk and certainly did not taste like it. At first I thought we must be late and someone had put dishwater in the pail by mistake. I found out later that it was plain water with just enough condensed milk in it to make the right color.” Brownie also shows the audience a worthwhile perception of…

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