Analysis Of The Poem ' After Apple Picking ' By Robert Frost Essay

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“And I could tell what form my dreaming was about to take”(Frost, 1101),this line by Robert Frost in the poem “After Apple-Picking” predicts the outcome of a dream. In this paper I will show you the outcome of three author’s dreams. Authors often use symbols in their poems to give their story’s meaning and in this case authors Langston Hughes, Julia Alvarez, and Robert Frost do just that. These authors use different symbols in their work; however, to me these poems all have one symbol in common, a dream. Langston Hughes poem “Ballad of the Landlord” the narrator is struggling with his landlord to cooperate with him. The Narrator wants his house fixed before he pays rent.” My roof has sprung a leak. Don 't you ‘member I told you about it way last week” (Hughes, 1221) this line shows the desperation the narrator has when talking to the landlord. The landlord disregards his request and tells him he owes him money. When the narrator refuses to pay until the leaks on the ceiling and cracks on the floor are fixed, the landlord calls the cops. The landlord in this poem symbolizes power and the power represents the government, money, and property. The narrator goes to jail because he is powerless. Even the way Hughes writes his poem it displays the same deprivation of power the narrator has after he realizes there is no justice. “The tenant 's loss of speech and authority is dramatically depicted in the poem as a loss of form. The ballad quatrains are replaced by the one-line…

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