Analysis Of The Poem ' Acquainted With The Night ' Essay

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The speaker in the poem “Acquainted with the Night” carries a dark secret within himself during his adventures of the night. Throughout the poem, the speaker alludes to this secret while telling of his walks through the city. After analyzing the poem, one can see the hidden pain that the speaker copes with. Frost reveals the speaker’s suffering, similar to a depression, through the somber lines and dark tone. Meyer’s attempts to argue that the setting of the poem is “located in the speaker’s mind or soul” rather than the speaker physically walking through a city (Meyer 711). However, there is no clear evidence for this idea that can be seen in the poem or in his argument. In fact, some lines of the poem negate Meyer’s point. I agree with Meyer that the speaker is dealing with an emotional stress within his mind, but, the poem describes a walk of the speaker. Through his actions, the speaker reveals his thoughts, rather than all aspects of the poem being a metaphor of his psyche. The speaker reveals his emotional pain, especially the dealing with an isolation and great suffering, through the setting and imagery, his specific actions and events, and his encounters with the other characters in the poem.
The setting and tone of the poem provide evidence for the suffering and isolation the speaker goes through. The general tone of the poem is grimy and gloomy. This can be seen when the speaker uses phrases like “saddest city lane”(4), “unwilling to explain”(6), “interrupted…

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