Analysis Of The Poem ' A Private Dance ' And ' Sadie And Maud ' By Gwendolyn Brooks

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Ever since the dawn of the first written language literature has always played a huge role in understanding why do humans behave and accomplish goals some that are very adventurous and against a human’s comfort zone. Literature reflects on human 's nature and pulls at their instinct to be adventurous and go against their comfort zone of a normal life to do something extraordinary. Two examples of pieces of literature that show off people that accept the call to adventure while other folks do not ,is the New York Times Article, “A Private Dance? Four Million Web Fans Say No” written by Charles Mcgrath. As well the poem “Sadie and Maud” written by Gwendolyn Brooks. Concluding, with my own adventure story about me exiting my comfort zone which was going camping for the first time ever in my life and how it confirm or contradict the choices that people make in literature. The first piece of literature that shows of someone leaving his comfort zone and accept the call to adventure is the New York Times Article, “A Private Dance? Four Million Web Fans Say No”. This article reflects about a YouTube video filmed and edited by Matt Harding and it’s about him dancing with complete strangers that have different cultures and ideologies beliefs them him and it 's filmed around the world edited in a very energetic and enjoying way. New York Times writer Charles Mcgrath notes that“Dancing” shows a guy dancing: a big,doughy-looking fellow in shorts and hiking boots he perform an…

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