Analysis Of The Poem ' A Moment Of Troy ' By Wislawa Szymborska

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Historically, the world has been male dominated. For a woman to achieve power she had to be beautiful. Her appearance was her most potent tool. Beauty could gain women a better pick of husbands, and therefore a better life. In the world today, beauty continues to remain a major source of power for women. In the poem “A Moment in Troy”, Wislawa Szymborska utilizes a glimpse into the daydream of a young girl, an allusion to Helen of Troy, and the free verse style to represent the female desire to be desired. Subsequently, Szymborska choses to write about young girls in the stage of life where they have graduated from being cute children without a care, to gawky young adult girls with vast insecurities. The use of protagonists at this age creates a relatable experience for the readers. The span of time when a child becomes a teenager often comes hand in hand with growth spurts that leave them with too large feet and curves that have yet to appear or outbreaks of acne that are impossible to hide. Szymborska writes “Little girls – / skinny, resigned/ to freckles that won’t go away,” (lines 1-3). Consequently, this is a time when girls especially begin to desire attention. Over the short span of their lives thus far, these young girls have noticed through the media and through observation that beauty attracts attention. It has become obvious to them that men desire beautiful women, and that those beautiful women have a power over those men that desire them. Szymborska uses the…

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