Analysis Of The Play ' When Push Comes On Shove ' By Samantha Norton

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In the play “When Push comes to Shove,” which was directed by Samantha Norton, I witnessed a dark comical, attention grabbing play about seven college students from Brace University that took a trip to the haunted Pit Cave. The students are in search for a ghost, but it turns that they find more in themselves than anything.
The play and production had many elements that made the play dynamic and comical, although it may have been hard to understand right after the completion of it. I feel that the central theme or idea of this play is that with time and isolation, you truly find out who you are, and what your character is made up of. For instance, Hugs, (played by Evan Turissini) the front man in finding the ghost, was first fascinated in understanding the idea of being the first to find “When Push comes to Shove,” but later in the play was crazed with violence and pain (both physically and emotionally). Also, Pickle and Bucket (played by Emily Fischer and Gabriel Calleja respectively) started as immature and childish in their humoring physically bickering but then turned to be more serious to the situation as the stakes became higher. The play displayed emotional moments throughout the play, and almost every character was a part of at least one, if not more. The constant back and forth between Antonini (played by Rodney West) and Hanka (played by Casey Venema) about their opposition of love towards each other was emotional, but was done in a comical sense to keep the…

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