Analysis Of The Play ' Twelfth Night ' Essay

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Romantic love is defined as a very emotional recognition for another person or relationship. It can create many powerful feelings. In the play “Twelfth Night” this kind of love is seen as something that can be easily manipulated, as shown with Orsinio and Olivia throughout the play. The story started with discussing the first love which is the love Orsinio had for Olivia. They “Both claims to be buffeted by strong emotions, but both ultimately seem to be self-indulgent individuals who enjoy melodrama and self-involvement more than anything.” (Spark notes). Orsinio repeatedly says how much he is in love with Olivia in the beginning of the story even though it was obvious that he was only in love with the idea of being in love. In the beginning he made it seem like everything had to be about him. Even when it had to do with his so called love for Olivia he always wanted the attention when he either talked about how much he loved Olivia or the sorrows he feels when he gets rejected multiple times. Olivia has quite similar characteristics being a wealthy, beautiful noble lady. These two characters talk so much about love because not only the idea of it but the feeling of it. They enjoy the thrill of chasing after someone, they love feeling the thought of loving someone else, and they even enjoy the despair from being in love. When it came to taking action towards the one Orsino supposedly loved he didn’t never took much action himself except when it came to sending his…

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