Analysis Of The Play Fences By August Wilson Essay

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The play “Fences” by August Wilson portrays a family struggles and experiences in 1950s (1468). Troy Maxson, the protagonist, who is married to Rose, struggles to raise his family following bad experience set by his father at early age. Troy is seen as a man of responsibilities, but he never commits himself in his marriage and his family. Troy’s son Cory grows up under Troy’s care as a different generation. The other family members are Troy’s brother, Gabriel, Troy’s eldest son, Lyons, fathered before his time in jail, and a his daughter Reynell, mothered by Alberta (1468). Troy’ follower and long time friend, Bono is the husband to Lucille. The play What I intend to prove in this paper is that the author uses dialogue between characters to portray the difference in African American generations, Troy’ dissatisfaction in life, men dominance, and dreams.
The author reveals the differences in African American generations. Troy and Bono conversation dwells in their past life experiences and broken relationships with their fathers living in the South (1.4.110). The existence of their previous experiences provides them with a clear insight and differences between their generation and present. For Example, Troy’ father was unsuccessful sharecropper, who Troy as a son, provides a continuation of generation in the south (1.4.110). Troy and Bono childhood experiences of becoming men and moving North after their fathers dead still haunt them (1.4.98). Living in the north provides a…

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