Analysis Of The Play ' Disgraced And A Raisin On The Sun ' Essay

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The plays Disgraced and A Raisin in the Sun are about two men and their families going through a time of racial tension, the Younger Family, the family in A Raisin in the Sun, faces discrimination towards the African American community of the fifties while Amir, the protagonist in Disgraced, and his family face the prejudice against Muslims in the modern era. They face different type of hardships, but are more similar than they may appear. They both struggle with the concept of cultural identity and heritage. Though each of the plays demonstrates different ways their characters deal with heritage they deal with different aspects of dealing with it. Disgraced deals with a character who is ashamed of his heritage and identifies with the American culture, while Raisin in the Sun deals with a character who is ashamed of her American heritage and identifies with Nigerian culture. While Amir accepts the discrimination and racial tension as a fact of life as he attempts to assimilate into American culture, Beneatha tries to find the cultural heritage of her ancestors. Beneatha and Amir choice of dress and style perfectly exhibit their attitudes towards assimilation and living America. When given a traditional dress by Asagai Beneatha is thrilled and cuts off her hair to allow to reform into its normal state. Amir takes the opposite route; he spends thousands of dollars on shirts to show his status in American society. He wears these shirts to draw attention to their extravagance…

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