Analysis Of The Play ' Death Of A Salesman ' Essay

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Arthur Miller expressed “American Dream” in his play Death of a Salesman, not only in the United States, but also applicable to other countries. The play was popular enough for Miller to direct once again in China in 1983. He did not attend to have Chinese actors acting like Americans. Instead, he replied, “ I have the right to ask these Chinese actors to be as Chinese as they ought to be, to feel as Chinese as they ought to feel. I only ask them to understand what the relationships (within the play) are…” ( Oka 13). Miller only wanted to present the character relationships in his play regardless the differences in cultures and living styles, “ … One of my main motives in coming here is to try to show that there is only one humanity” (Houghton 3). The belief of “American Dream” has standardized the measurement of success in humanity. It was a common goal and wish that we as one humanity shared and hoped for. It is also true that the “American Dream” is still what most people today wish and work hard for.
The belief of “American Dream” from the play as a man must consist of a stable white-collar job, a family with a housewife and an average of 2.5 kids, and own a house. The main character Willy, a salesman who was successful in pursuing “American Dream”. He then was moving away from the “American Dream” as he aged and the society was changing ahead of him. The relationships with his two sons got worse as well. Throughout the plays, There were few moments where Willy was…

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