Essay on Analysis Of The Play ' Antigone '

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In the play Antigone, the women are portrayed as weak, they have little to no power, and whilst the beginning of the play suggests that it is only women who are inferior, the sexism starts to change into all people below the royals. Although it is true that women throughout all hierarchy, age and connections, are treated as unequal, the play seems to detour focus off of the inferiority of the women, and focuses it more on the inferiority on anyone below King Creon and his family.
The moral of the story seems to put the spotlight on the ‘Fate versus Destiny’ cliché. Going throughout the story you can see how each character feels about their own control of their fate or destiny. The main character demonstrating this would be King Creon, he believes that not only can he decide the fate of himself and his life, but also those of everyone else around him. Antigone in contrast is humbler, she doesn’t show much of trying to change her fate, but moreso to change the way she’s seen, to give herself independence, which is a breach of King Creon’s idealology of women.
Perception is a very important part of Antigone. The way you view yourself is very often majorly different than how others see you, and the characters in this play are perfect examples of this. Starting off with the main example, King Creon, he views himself as almighty, that he is ultimate to anyone, he controls everyone and nobody can question him. On the other hand, in my eyes, I see him as a coward, he can’t take…

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