Analysis Of The Play ' An Inspector Calls ' Essay

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The play an ‘inspector calls’ divulges the truth and teaches the moral message about responsibility, warning the consequences if the message is not heeded. As the play was set before the First World War, it enabled priestly to refer to class division and social hierarchy through the characters and to the audience. Priestly portrays the attitudes of the characters and how family is presented in upper class throughout the play. The eccentric, Mr Birling a pretentious factory owner worries about his reputation being tarnished, which indicates he believes family is less significant to him. Each member of the household receives a different attitude to responsibility in the play.
In act 1 Mr Birling and family are holding a dinner party to celebrate their daughter’s engagement to Gerald Croft who is a young business man. At this moment there is a happy, Light-hearted atmosphere. Until an inspector shows up at their house determined to unleash the truth behind the death of a young woman called Eva Smith. When congratulating Gerald and Sheila, Mr Birling looks forward to a time when the “Crofts and the Birling’s” no longer compete in business this conveys that he places business before family which makes him a selfish man.
As well as that the word “and” reflects on both of the families as the Croft 's are at a higher status and the Birling’s at a lower status furthermore as the two businesses merging together, this benefits Mr Birling’s financial status and power which suggests…

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