Essay Analysis Of The Play ' A Raisin Of The Sun '

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In the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, involves a poor family where each member of the family has their own problem like for Lena, it was moving into a new house, for Ruth what to do with the baby that still hasn’t be borned, and Walter to open a liquor shop. It is hard to define one as the protagonist since every character is really influential and contributed a great amount in it. In fact, you could say all of them are protagonists or none of them. There are many traits that separate a common character to a protagonist. The three most important traits to be qualified as a protagonist is having unique qualities and interesting flaws, having obstacles that stop him or her, but has the capability to overcome it, and lastly gaining something, but at the same time loses something as a result of his change. Throughout the play, Walter shows these three traits which is why he is the protagonist of A Raisin in the Sun. First, Hansberry gives Walter compelling characteristics and flaws that transforms him into the protagonist of the play. In the play, you can see that Walter is ambitious as he is always mentioning about his dreams, like in Act 1 Scene 1, he tells Ruth, “ I got me a dream.” The dream that he keeps on talking about is opening a new liquor store, so he can stop working as a chauffeur and get more money. He is so passionate about his dreams that he even argues with his mom when he finds out that she had used the money to buy a new house. Walter says, “…

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