Analysis Of The Play ' A Raisin Of The Sun ' And ' The Poem ' Harlem '

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The play “A Raisin In the Sun” and the poem “Harlem” both concentrate on the attainment of the forever promised “American Dreams” (higher education, prosperity, equality, freedom to come and go as you desire and to be whoever and whatever you want). These aspirations were and still are the hopes and goals society offers to all of us, unfortunately, many African-Americans rarely achieved and experienced them. Both writings depict the unfair treatment of African-Americans during the 1960’s with each implying how, discrimination and segregation, made achieving these dreams virtually insurmountable for most of the black population. The main difference between the play and the poem are the endings. The poem ends with a reference to the total destruction “explosion” of dreams thereby, squelching any and all hope of their realization, whereas the play ends with a tone of optimism and anticipation for change. “Harlem” is primarily about the despair and the disillusionment of being promised something that will never come true in its fullest and truest form. This is analogous to “A Raisin in the Sun.” For example, Walter has a dream of owning his own business. He imagines moving his family of five out of their two bedroom apartment in Harlem. Also, Lena (Mama) dreams about getting her family out of the small apartment and into a home. Mama receives an insurance settlement worth $10,000 which today would be worth roughly $100,000. She plans to utilize part of money to acquire…

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