Analysis Of The Play ' A Doll House ' Essay

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The play “A Doll House” has been under the debate for quite some years. Ibsen’s uses a special way to tell his stories; he uses very complex dialogue. One of the debates in the play is whether the perspective is that of a feminist or not. The perspective used in “ A Doll House is almost of a feminist perspective, but not completely, the author throws in the points that it is much of self identity. The women of “ A Doll House often speak their opinions, just as much as the men of the play, they don’t have the same power to determine their own future without the help of the men. In the articles it has been said that Nora plays two identities, she plays the feminist role and the role waiting to lead her own self. “The conception of Nora have also been colored by different ideological and feminist perspectives since the first part of the drama” (Rekdal 150). “She exploits the whole register of femininity as the feminine traditionally has been perceived and in the last part of the drama emerges as highly articulate and moreover willing to leave her husband and three children” (Rekdal 150). Ibsen wanted the message to be more about ones identity, power, and individualism.
The view of a feminist perspective while reading this play can help address the feminist issues even in today’s society. While this play takes on a somewhat feminist role it is not purely a feminist message being sent from the author of the play. Ibsen was thrown a festival in which he said, “To me it has…

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