Analysis Of The Piece That I Selected By Gordon Parks Essay

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The piece that I selected by Gordon Parks is, Red Jackson, Harlem, New York, it was taken in1948. Gordon Parks was born November 30, 1912 in Fort Scott, Kansas. He was the youngest of fifteen children born to Andrew and Sarah Parks. His Father was a tenant farmer, and his mother sometimes worked as a housekeeper. His mother taught the virtues of hard work, dignity, and love, which led to his success. He was a film maker a writer and a composer, but he used a camera as his weapon of choice. The thing that I found most interesting about Gordon Parks is that he was not only multi-talented, but I feel like his struggles in his early life gave him the empathy needed to capture the struggles of others, in a way that make us look past the labels that we as a society put on people.
Gordon was a black man, who lived during the great depression, worked odd jobs, and understood the struggles of poverty. After his mother passed away in 1928, Gordon was sent to live with his sister and brother in-law in St. Paul Minnesota. After a disagreement with this brother in-law he was not welcome in the house any more. At just fifteen years old, Gordon found himself homeless. Because of these struggles, I feel like Gordon could identify with many of the people he photographed. If he had not been instilled with integrity from his mother, and had not found and honed his talent. He could have ended up like some of the people he photographed. Finally, in 1938 during a layover in Seattle,…

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