Analysis Of The Pardoners's Tale And Prologue By Geoffrey Chaucer

The Anglo Saxon time period was a time that included many compositions of middle and old English. Many of which were tales of King Arthur and the like. An author that stands out among the many through the Anglo Saxon era is Geoffrey Chaucer. Chaucer has forever gone down in history for his outstanding work using Middle English in Canterbury Tales. Canterbury Tales is a collection of twenty-four tales in which were collected, composed, and written by Chaucer. “Chaucer had all these incentives to write in French, but he chose instead to write in English, the language of Saxon England. As Sir Walter Scott pointed out, the Saxon language can name only barnyard animals on the hoof,” (Helterman). The reason in which Chaucer decided writing in French, …show more content…
This is a discussion by the pardoner who tells a moral story upon the begging of his peers. “The cynical Pardoner explains in a witty prologue that he sells indulgences--ecclesiastical pardons of sins--and admits that he preaches against avarice although he practices it himself,” (Sturges). He tells how he preaches about money being the root of all evil, yet the sermon is how he cheats people out of his money. “Believe me, many a sermon of devote exordium issues from an evil motive. Some to give pleasure by their flattery and gain promotion through hypocrisy, some out of vanity, some out of hate,” (Pg. 126). This also is a discussion of three youths that are seeking to destroy death and find themselves drowning in greed, which causes death to alternately destroy them. This section of The Canterbury Tales is also another example of the Yokels of the church, the blind followers. This is another section that uses satire to criticize the church and the followers. This discusses how there are people who will blindly follow something for the assumption that they will gain something out of it, or without better knowledge. A perfect example of this is through the three youths and their blindness to reality. This example of satire is a way of showing the problems within the church, and also the ways in which wealth and money are able to harm

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