Analysis Of The Paper And Managerial Implications

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During the past few decades, the branding has become the first and foremost priority of management, because of the increased awareness that brands are not just the names, but valuable non-physical assets for the firms. Brand makes it easy for the customers to take their decisions with ease; as it ensures the specific product quality and attains the trust of the customers. Brand logo plays an important role in representing the brand and let the customers remember the brand. What is the purpose of a brand logo beside the representation of a company? This paper discusses the role of a logo in the development of the brand communities and how brand communities differ from the rest of the communities in the world.
In the past, Clans used totems to get closer with each other and develop strong communities. Similarly, a brand logo plays the function of the totems in developing brand communities. A brand community doesn’t precede the logo, but logo develops the foundation of the brand communities. The brands are used to interact with social networks, from where the brand communities emerge. A brand takes the form of a myth, which is accepted by large number individuals. It is important to shed light over the fact that brand communities are not similar to other types of communities, prevailing in the world. It has certain features, which keep it apart from the rest of the world.
This article discusses that what actually the brand…

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