Analysis Of The Oscar Pistorius Trial

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This essay will speak about two media spectacles from within the last ten years and how the media influenced the public. This essay should prove that the media influences the public and the way the public views a certain topic. The first part of this essay will speak about the Oscar Pistorius trial as a local media story. The second part of the essay will speak about the chemical attack on Syria as the global media story. Although both were broadcast globally I feel the Oscar Pistorius trial had more influence here within South Africa.

I think it is important that one understands that spectacle is false reality. We are separated from the truth since people believe the spectacle is the way the world is. The spectacle makes us constantly want
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A man had shot his eight-year-old daughter thinking she was a burglar. However, there was very little involvement from the media during this trial. This man was proven not guilty. Pistorius’s story and this man’s story are rather similar but the outcome was very different. One could argue then that media possibly played a very big part in the Pistorius trial. (SAPA. 2012).

“The media served the function of informing the public of the factual events of the day. Now however, a new concept in journalism has arrived, one that simply reports what they feel the public should know or rather want to know based on some real or imaginary source who remain nameless, unidentifiable and possibly fictitious. I use the term 'new concept in journalism' loosely because I somehow think that behind every gladiatorial fight there were unscrupulous journalists egging on the crowd to demand the thumbs down symbol so they could justify the selling of their latest scroll.” (O'Faoilan, A.
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Media in this sense can make the public believe that because they are reputable broadcasters that they must be right. This has not always been the case, we the public see what the broadcasters want us to see in order to influence our emotions and beliefs. Broadcasters also decide on what should be a spectacle and what should not. This is why there are very serious things going on in the world but we don’t really hear much of it. Media decides that because Kim Kardashian is famous and has a large fan base that if they report her story they will get brand awareness. So when Kim Kardashian got mugged it became a big story even though there were more serious things to

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