Analysis Of The Original Architecture : Once There Was A Large Bustling Town

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Once there was a large bustling town named Adelma. Adelma started out as small farming town and slowly grew over the years. Despite the town continuously growing and developing over the years it still looked much the same as when it was first founded. In order to preserve there history as much as they could the adapted most of the original architecture rather than replaced it. Despite all the constant tweaking and adapting to suit modern conveniences Adelma still looked like you walked into a Victorian novel, just with electricity and cars and misc. other modern technologies and Adelma was a very charming and pleasant place to live.
There was a small family that lived on the outskirts of Adelma, the Shions. The husband was a tall imposing man of twenty nine named Akira Shion he mostly looked normal but he did have one odd quirk his hair was a very odd shade of blue, somewhere between midnight and electric blue to be precise and his son Kaito had inherited his strange hair color. Akira’s wife Akemi Shion was very petite almost fragile looking woman with blond hair. But don’t let her size fool you this lady had a mouth and she was very proficient at using subtle ways to make your life miserable and she also made cast iron pans look utterly terrifying if you rub her the wrong way.
There wasn’t anything particularly odd about the Shions For the most part. Kaito went to preschool while his parents were at work and they were home before he got back every once in a while Akira had…

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