Essay on Analysis Of The Opening Scenes Of Shutter Island

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Throughout Shutter Island, there are some very interesting scenes, which describe the characters in greater detail, forming a more secure story line. According to Les Edgerton, author of Opening Scenes: An Overview, he states that an opening scene has four main components, the inciting incident, the story-worthy problem, the initial surface problem, and finally the setup (Edgerton, Les). These elements are all apparent in the opening scenes of Shutter Island. In the opening moments of film, an extreme long shot can be found, which shows Ashecliffe Hospital, the central set of the film. The Ashecliffe Hospital is a facility for the criminally insane. The facility is located on Shutter Island, which is set in Boston Harbor. The view is set from the boat which Edward “Teddy” Daniels and his new partner, Chuck Aule traveling towards Shutter Island to investigate the disappearance of the patient Rachel Solando. The shot in particular is depicts an area from a great distance. I believe it was used in Shutter Island to show the audience with the large mass which encompasses Ashecliffe Hospital. Also, this camera angle is a great utilization of incorporating balance . The balance creates a sense of equilibrium. The island looks to be in balance, creating a sense of complication and the vastness of the island. The camera angles show the island in near harmony with the ocean, showing the calm before the storm. In the background of the scene, a faint, non-diegetic sound can be heard.…

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