Essay on Analysis Of ' The One Who Went Away '

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Acceptance in a community is crucial for a healthy, fulfilling life. In Dancer and Shinny Game that Melted the Ice, an examination of the protagonists; Clarissa and “the one who went away”, and the mood in the stories effectively set the tone for the importance of belonging. The authors use of symbols, mood and character traits demonstrate this importance of belonging in a family, whether it be biological or not.
Clarissa, a young foster girl from an Assiniboine tribe came to live with a new family. She experiences the typical traits of being a child in a new place. In the beginning of the story she feels very lonely and stressed from being moved once again. The one time she identifies this loneliness is when she has a dream “She was being chased by a man with a long knife what he was going to kill her with and nobody could hear her calling out for help.” This quote represents the loneliness that she is feeling from having nowhere to belong. This scenario is similar to that in Shinny Game that Melted the Ice “At first it was tentative”(Wagamese 82), this sentence is talking about the nervousness that came with meeting your family once again after being torn away at a young age. Both of the characters are feeling similar emotions at this time, however their traits start to change once they realize this is a safe place where they can belong. Clarissa becomes more light and stops having the nightmares that plagued her before. For Clarissa this trigger point was when she first…

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