Essay on Analysis Of ' The ' Of The Night ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Carlie is the one who trains Barbara, who is in pain and who has to deal with the rudeness of a white maintenance guy. Balancing two jobs in Jerry’s is something unusual that someone can do, but when you are poor you have to find a way to leave. You just end up swallowing pills in your room. As the tension rises, Barbara’s scientific mind gets to be emotional and starts crying. Barbara moves out and gives her the keys of the trailer park to Gail. Chapter 2 She next went to Maine because of the amount of white. She thinks that this place could be a little bit easier. She also chose this place because Portland needs more employees. This place might give her a better economic status. Barbara is fortunate that when she arrives in Portland she goes to motel 6 while trying to find a job and a home. She checks out of the hotel and finds a room that she shares with a roommate that is $65 a week, but it doesn’t seem like the best option so she checks out other options. She ends up going to Blue Heaven for $120 a week and gives $100 down payment. She starts trying to find jobs. She takes lots of surveys and test for different companies. She applies for Walmart, nursing home, a factory and at Merry Maids. The average salary in Portland is $6-7 per hour. She ends up with $5-$6 in Merry Maids. That is enough for her to live so she has to look for a second job. After 2 days of job application she received 2 phone calls. First, nursing home on weekends that pays her $7 per hour. Second,…

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