Essay about Analysis Of ' The ' Of The Four Sisters '

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Specific Analysis: As Dedé is the only one of the four sisters still alive, she feels responsible for making sure that they are remembered correctly as opposed to being glorified. She contrasts the women they actually are to the heroines that the public sees to show that they, too, are ordinary humans with strengths, weaknesses, and morals. However, she believes that even her own nieces and nephews stereotype her sisters as heroines because of their fame, only knowing the courage and righteousness they are famous for, not their doubts and weaknesses. Dedé is the narrator of her sisters’ stories, and her narration reveals the inner worries of each sister. Through this, she shows others that the Mirabal sisters do have weaknesses, family troubles, and are not extraordinary but rather human. This is an important point as heroes and heroines are often viewed as above humans, which creates a mindset that normal people are incapable of such courage when, in actuality, courage is present in the daily lives of regular people. This mindset discourages courage. I agree with Dedé, because idols and other celebrities are often seen in this way, even though they are also regular human beings with lives outside of what others know. People should accept this and respect such idols’ privacy. Also, one should not refuse to chase their dreams just because one believes it is out of reach. For example, the Mirabal sisters simply follow their morals and do what is right, a lifestyle possible…

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