Analysis Of ' The Odyssey ' Essay

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Following in somebody’s footsteps is always a hard task to take. Whether it is following a father, mother, older sibling, or friend, it is always a challenging path to walk. A perfect example of a boy who believes he must “wear his father’s shoes” is a young man named Telemachus. He is the son of a mighty warrior named Odysseus in the epic story, The Odyssey. In his journey to finding his father, Telemachus confronts many problems that come with his feelings towards his father, and how he must succeed such a brave hero and king. Today, many people can relate to what Telemachus is feeling throughout the story, and face the same challenges that come with the task of following in someone’s footsteps. Within the story, Athena, the goddess of wisdom, comes to Ithaca to help Telemachus find his father and get rid of the suitors, who are making his mother’s and his own life miserable. They set off to sail to two kingdoms to get more information on the whereabouts of Odysseus. This probably makes Telemachus feel a little uncomfortable because he’s going in search of a father who he hardly knows. Odysseus is more like a stranger to him than a friend and dad. When the king of each kingdom find out that he is the son of Odysseus, they praise him and tell him how great of a warrior his father was. One king started comparing Telemachus to Odysseus, which probably made him feel a little more uncomfortable. And after hearing all these great things about his father, a little more pressured…

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