Analysis Of The Novel ' Young Goodman Brown ' Essay

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Symbolism is a major theme in the story, Young Goodman Brown because of how meaningful and salient it is to the developing plot and overall occurrence of the story. In the short story of Young Goodman Brown written by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the audience is introduced to our protagonist, Goodman Brown and his wife, Faith saying goodbye to him. The audience quickly learns he is travelling overnight and reminds Faith to say her prayers and go to bed early. He then heads on his way into a somber forest. Through his descriptions, the audience presumes he is very scared. Goodman Brown meets an odd man, named Deacon Gookin, whom he trusts and follows until he can’t follow him anymore and wants to turn around, the man then disappears. In light of this, Goodman Brown then hears as well as nears the seeing of the gathering of the town. The townspeople, such as ministers, and priests, and his wife, are all performing Satanic rituals. Goodman Brown then suddenly finds himself alone in the forest. The next morning Goodman Brown returns to Salem Village and everyone he sees he infers them as evil and he is overall changed. He then lives the remained of his life in fear and darkness. This information being present, it can be pronounced that symbolism in Young Goodman Brown increases due to the name of his wife; Faith, the resemblance of the evilness, and the symbolic setting of the story. The name Faith, is symbolic in its totality. When one is thinking of the name of Faith, alone it is…

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