Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Wuthering Heights '

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The story of Wuthering Heights is a passion filled love affair bound in the cyclic nature of two families. Heathcliff Earnshaw and Catherine Earnshaw begin their friendship at an early age which later turns into a mutual love for one another, though tainted and abused it may be, in their formative years. Through Heathcliff’s tumultuous relationship with Catherine, it becomes evident both characters are self-destructive, self-indulgent, and incapable of realizing how their behavior affects the lives of those around them. Ellen “Nelly” Dean, who spent the majority of her life in service to both Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw, serves as a non-detached first-person narrator and recounts the tragic events of the lives at Wuthering Heights through Mr. Lockwood’s point of view. Mr. Lockwood, who possessed no prior knowledge of the Earnshaws nor the Lintons until gathering this information from Nelly, asks about said characters after first meeting with Mr. Heathcliff, prompting Nelly to begin her story. The cyclic nature mentioned before is evident as the second generation of Earnshaws and Lintons are born and habits repeated. As it goes, old habits die hard.
The introduction of Heathcliff comes from Mr. Lockwood’s point of view prior to Nelly’s retelling of past events which takes readers, much like the fictional characters, on an emotionally exhausting effort throughout the novel in attempting to understand the reasoning behind Heathcliff’s actions; the motive in all he does.…

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