Analysis Of The Novel ' The Unknown Americans ' Essay

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Life is filled with love and happiness, but every so often tragedy strikes. Tragedy can cease happiness to those affected, and it can completely alter one’s life as they know it. Tragedy can come in many forms such as death, sickness and natural disaster. In the novel The Unknown Americans Cristina Henriquez uses the characterization of Alma and Arturo to highlight the struggles a relationship can suffer after tragedy. In their case, their daughter suffered a life changing brain injury, and as Alma believes the accident was her fault, she feels like she needs to renew herself to her husband. She focuses on trying to gain forgiveness throughout the novel. In the beginning of the novel, Alma feels heavy guilt , and she believes Maribels accident is her fault completely. As Alma and Arturo wait for the school bus to arrive to take maribel to school in America for the very first time, Alma was obviously nervous and anxious for her daughter. Her husband could see through her emotions, and in an attempt to calm her down he says “[Maribel will] be fine” and Alma “ wanted to believe him- because [she] wanted more than anything for [Maribel] to be fine and fine and eventually better than fine, for her to transform again into the girl she used to be” (Henriquez 32). Alma hopes that Maribels new education in America can make up for her accident, that she could feel relief if Maribel can begin to learn and improve her memory, and erase her brain damage all together. Alma loves her…

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