Analysis Of The Novel ' The Rye ' Essay

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1.The Catcher in the rye starts off with the protagonist, Holden caulfield, a 16 year old boy from a well off family, saying that he is in a place taking it easy after becoming “pretty run down” following events that occurred after the previous christmas. He begins the story around christmas time where, After failing four out of five of his classes he is expelled from Pencey Prep. His roommate stradlater goes on a date with jane gallagher, a girl who holden used to date. When he returns from his date with Jane, Holden questions Stradlater who then teases him about his interest in her. This results in a fight which lands Holden a bloody nose. Now deciding he is done with Pencey he decides to go to Manhattan three days early without telling his parents and secretly stay in a hotel called the edmont. He tries to call Faith Cavendish, an ex-stripper hoping to persuade her into having sex with him this does not go as plan and holden becomes annoyed. Later on holden begins thinking about jane once again specifically how they met. Upon returning to his hotel he meets maurice, the elevator operator who offers to send a prostitute to Holden 's room for five dollars. Holden accepts this offer, a girl named “Sunny” then comes to his room. Holden thinks she is awful young and tries to have a conversation with her. He then starts to have second thoughts and lies saying that he recently underwent a surgery and is still in recovery and cannot have sex with her. He pays her five dollars…

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