Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Sydney Carton '

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1. The ability to love is an innate trait of mankind because love naturally derives from the empathy people feel for one another.
2. Authentic love empowers individuals to respect themselves and one another, breakdown their personal barriers, and welcome everything and everyone.
3. The support of creates through love results in a formidable strength, allowing mankind to uncover the truth and embodying the hope that makes life worth the struggle.
4. As shown through A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, love for another and for oneself can ultimately give mankind the potential for redemption.
5. THESIS: Sydney Carton undergoes a personal revolution, transforming from a broken man to a hero by using his love for Lucie as a catalyst towards his self-love, allowing him to be “recalled to life”.

Paragraph 1:
1. TS 1: Carton is initially unhappy because he wallows in self-pity and wrongly convinces himself of his own incompetency.
2. QUOTE 1: His melancholy is apparent when he feels that he’s nothing but “a disappointed drudge because [he] cares for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for [him]” (70).
3. While Carton is introduced as the brooding alcoholic in Darnay’s trial, he is the one person who saves the case in a moment of sureness and total wisdom.
4. His brilliance is apparent, yet his lack of effort reflects his resentment towards himself and his alienation form the rest of the world.
5. Rather than becoming who he has potential to be,…

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