Analysis Of The Novel ' Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde '

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Urban London in the 1800 's was a place to experiment because London was known for place with somber individuals. Like Jekyll and Hyde in the book “ Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Stevenson. Strange Case was written in the time of the Victorian Period in the 1800’s. Jekyll resided in the Soho district of London, and Hyde transformation happened in Regents Park. The city of London in this story is described as a foggy, dark place with very little light. Stevenson’s interpretation of London’s setting meets this level of mystery that also sets a toll on his characters Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll lived in a famous London cosmopolitan quarter called Soho. It’s located on the West End, it is the oldest of the alien quarters in modern urban London. The existence of an alien community in Soho has barely affected the development of the area. Which has conducted the typical Stevenson’s confused and labyrinth path a similar in element to any other urban London suburb. Jekyll was a likeable, respectable doctor , even though Jekyll 's success in his goals requires an investigation of social complexities. In the 1800’s Victorians had a way of showing where people belonged in society and in a community. Charles Booth created a map that explained the poverty in London urban communities. According to his map Soho was a reasonable place to be, was not too rich but just right in the middle. Being a gentamicin man in Soho was very classic for many reasons. One is because with…

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