Essay about Analysis Of The Novel ' Return Of The Soldier '

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In the novel Return of the Soldier there is a strong presence of classism within the characters. This is evident by the attitudes of the upper class women, Kitty and Jenny, towards the working class women Margaret. In addition, classist attitudes can be identified in the characters retreating behind their wealth to escape the realities of war. Jenny and Kitty are two upper class women living at Baldry Court. When a local woman named Margaret Grey brings news of their cousin and husband, Chris Baldry, the women quickly judge the messenger. At first the women were suspicious as to why Mrs. Grey was the recipient of personal information about Mr. Baldry, however, this was not the only factor that fueled their animosity. Both Kitty and Jenny were prejudiced towards Margaret because of her class. When Margaret left the Baldry home and gave Mrs. Baldry her information, Kitty reacted negatively to her being from Wealdstone. Kitty’s response was “one cannot now protect one’s environment as one could in the old days” (9). Kitty’s reaction to Mrs. Grey reflects many upper class attitudes during this period as many affluent families viewed others as impoverished outsiders. In addition, Kitty disregarded the information Margaret brought her about her husband believing her to be a fraud, "You are impertinent. I know exactly what you are doing. You have read in the 'Harrow Observer ' or somewhere that my husband is at the front, and you come to tell this story because you think that…

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