Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Pilate Dead '

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In the beginning of the novel, the narrator introduces important characters without the reader knowing by telling the story of the man attempting to end his life. The narrator advances some years in the novel and starts to reintroduce the characters. Macon Dead Jr., who is the main protagonist of the story, starts off not knowing who he is. Macon Jr. is known as Milkman throughout the novel because Freddie catches his mother breastfeeding him at an age that is not normal. His parents are Macon and Ruth Dead, and his sisters are First Corinthians and Lena. His Father Macon Dead is the antagonist of the story because he is always negative, and in a bad mood. Pilate Dead, who is another main character is Macon 's sister and is always negative towards her. Pilate is known as a root woman, as well as the town 's bootlegger. She was born without a belly button, and people found that disturbing. Pilate gave birth to a daughter, Reba Dead, who later gives birth to her daughter, Hagar Dead.
One will be introduced to Lynching in America: the Emmett Till Case, The Four Little Girls, and The Retaliation of the Seven Days Organization in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon. Emmett Till was a young African American teen who was murdered in Mississippi. The attention of the case brought attention to American racism and the barbarism of Lynching. The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing was an act of white supremacy and terrorism. The bombing resulted in the murdering of The Four Little Girls.…

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