Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Perfume, By Patrick Suskind

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While religion appears to represent the faithful nature of the characters in Patrick Suskind’s novel, Perfume, the love the characters hold for their religion instead hides their selfish natures. With the knowledge that God offers forgiveness, the characters feel the ability to succumb to their own pleasures and God-like dreams.
Throughout the novel Perfume, the main character, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, aspires to gain enough power to become greater than God. With the hope of gaining enough power to control the world, his selfish craving leads him to build up his strength to become superior in all ways compared to God. While Grenouille’s character plays a non-religious role in the novel, his spiritual comparison to God not only confuses the other characters, but furthers Grenouille’s hatred for humanity, to the point where he decides to leave civilization. His journey of isolation compares to the religious, secluded journeys people traveled in order to become closer to God. However, Grenouille “withdraws for his own personal pleasure and to be near himself” (Suskind 123) and not any sort of religious aspect. After spending years in isolation, Grenouille realizes his true desire in life: For people to love and worship him the same way they praise God. Grenouille’s lust for power and desire shows his desire to olfactorily recreate the world, which involves creating a smell influential enough to make humanity “love him to a point of insanity” (155). The idea of becoming…

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