Essay about Analysis Of The Novel ' Of Mice And Men '

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On “Black Tuesday,” October 29, 1929, the market lost $14 billion, commencing the greatest economic depression the world has ever seen. Of Mice and Men is a story about two migrant workers who form a family with each other who travel from ranch to ranch in hopes to own day own their own farm. In this story, main characters, George and Lennie are living in the middle of an intense economic depression that majorly affects them in multiple ways. Even the theme of the book shows the effect. "The theme of loneliness is implied from the beginning of the novel, when the author establishes the setting as "a few miles south of Soledad". Soledad is the name of a town in central California, but it is also the Spanish word for solitude" (Telgen). Economic depressions inordinately affects everyone. Economic depressions can affect the way you live your life, the American Dream, and the way you treated people.

Economic Depressions affect the way you live your life, from the job you have to the way you carry yourself. Attel mentions, "George and Lennie are itinerant laborers who roam the state looking for any sort of temporary work on large commercial ranches and farms. They work in these places as long as there is a specific task to be done—in Of Mice and Men, for example, George and Lennie are hired to bag the barley harvest on a farm near the city of Soledad—and when they are finished they collect their wages and move on in search of another ranch and another temporary job". George…

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