Analysis Of The Novel ' Native Son ' Essay example

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First Reaction: Wow throughout this whole novel, Native Son, had a lot of dramatic events taking place. This book goes back in time and discusses the harsh laws against blacks. I would say that this book is almost like the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, when it gets to the trail portion of the book and both of these novels talk about racial inequality. I was surprised to learn about the psychological distress blacks also faced because of cruel treatment.
From the very beginning, I knew Bigger was going to make a mistake that would put him into big trouble. I was not so surprised when Bigger killed Mary, since he had almost murdered Gus earlier in the novel. This incident, between Bigger and Gus, explained to me earlier in the novel, that Bigger would murder anyone who got on to his nerves. Bigger as lazy as he is, never took actions that would make his life better but worsen it. For example, from the very beginning, Bigger wanting to rob a white man to the end when he commits a horrifying crime. However, I could not believe Bigger would commit a crime on the first day of his job. I have realized from Bigger, that when you fear of getting caught you just end up making foolish decisions without a complete thought.
I could not believe that even after 24 hours the police were still able to find some remains of Mary Dalton in the furnace. I have realized that no matter how hard someone tries to get rid of crime scene evidence there is always some sort of strong evidence left…

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