Analysis Of The Novel ' My Year Of Meats ' Essay

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In the novel, “My Year of Meats” by Ruth L. Ozeki, they sink in on various important topics. The author’s main focus is on Jane Takagi-Little, the Japanese American Documentary film maker of “The American Wife” which was sponsored by the meat company Beef-EX. Beef-EX main purpose of sponsoring the episodes were to manipulate the meat consumption in Japan. The important topics it speaks on are about cultural difference, ethnic, gender stereotypes, and even the roles of women in American and Japan. The view Jane has throughout the novel is very well pointed out same with the actress Suzie. The way Suzie has been portrayed in the show is very big gender stereotype from American to Japanese.
Culturally, the author shows the differences between America and Japan throughout the novel. Ms. Ozeki explains how the U.S. is a very fast paced country, a place where many different kind of people come together. At one point in the novel Jane mentions herself as a “poly-sexual, poly-racial, perverse”(Ozeki). This explains the stereotype of an American. Jane had nothing going for her, living in a cold apartment with no job or money, until her phone rang and she struck gold. She now has become a workaholic and is definitely wearing herself out trying to perfect her work. Besides Jane’s work, being born in America has given her so many opportunities. Opportunities like being able to love someone with a cultural difference even get married or divorce to whoever shed like. Jane carries even…

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