Essay on Analysis Of The Novel ' Enrique 's Journey '

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“An estimated one million children live illegally in the United States, most from Mexico and Central America” stated Sonia Nazario; some come to find work, others to find family, but all have one dream in mind; a better life (221). In the novel “Enrique’s Journey,” Sonia Nazario follows the life of Enrique, a young boy from Honduras, and his family and friends. Sonia describes the treacherous trip many immigrants make to America and later a new way to look at her novel through the principle of moral relativity.
When Enrique and his little sister, Belky, were very young their mother, Lourdes, left them in hopes of making it to the United States. She, like many other Latin American mothers, traveled to the U.S. illegally searching for work. She did it in hopes of providing her children a better future. Unfortunately, Enrique and Belky resented their mother for this. They loved the presents, but would trade it all for their mom. Lourdes also had another child when she was looking for work, a baby girl named Diana. Enrique constantly pondered the thought of how she could have had another child when she couldn’t even care for the ones she left?
While Lourdes was in the United States, Enrique bounced around between homes. He lost his way and got hooked on drugs. His family and girlfriend, Maria Isabel, tried to help him stop his addiction, but failed. When Enrique couldn’t pay his dealer he decided to steal, was caught, and kicked out of the family home. That was when he…

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