Analysis Of The Novel ' Caucasia ' Essay example

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Despite the social and cultural integration among civilizations, racial segregation still exists. The story took a place in Boston during mid 70s and early 80s. Racial tension between blacks and whites was at its peaks. Individuals were still classified based on their race, color, gender and even sexual preferences. Senna in her novel, Caucasia, shed light on how racial identity is socially constructed and affecting children of mixed race marriage through Birdie Lee’s story, a biracial girl, who struggled from youth until adulthood to find her own identity “My body would fill in the blanks, tell me who I should become, and I would let it speak for me,” (Senna 1).
“Caucasia is rife with deception, disappearance, mixed marriage, and “invisible color” (Senna 321). The idea of disappearing is one of the important themes that Senna discussed in Caucasia. The novel starts with the sentence, “A long time ago I disappeared,” and end with “then the bus lurched forward, and the face was gone with it, just a blur of yellow and black in motion.” Characters and things disappeared suddenly in the novel and when they reappeared, they were completely different from what they were before; Birdie and her mother sandy, who always had the option to disappear into the safety of whiteness, disappeared after the disappearance of Birdie’s father and sister. Birdie’s old identity disappeared, and a new one “Jesse” that doesn’t quite fit appeared to replace it, then it disappeared later when Birdie…

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