Essay Analysis Of The Novel ' Brave New World '

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The novel, “Brave New World,” depicts a utopian society called the World State. Ironically, one may say, this world is far from the definition of what many may consider perfect. In this fictional society, the traditional values and moral that most in our society are accustomed to, especially during the time period which the book was published, are absent or seen as taboos. However, half a century later, not only is our society not far from the World State and implementing the wrong ideas from the novel, but also many World State ideas are mirrored by the growing terrorist group ISIS. Our society is becoming quite similar to the World State in ways that may not have been imagined back in the 1930’s. Just as in Brave New World, our capitalist society is largely based on consumerism. Around the globe, especially in the First World countries, people tend to buy products for almost no reason. An IPhone’s cracked screen can easily be repaired, yet people tend to simply buy a new one when the end old is “no good.” With new models and accessories constantly coming out, it seems easier to just buy the newer products. Not just in technology but as well as in sports, new jerseys and equipment come out every season; in the fashion industry, new clothing is rapidly and constantly coming out for the general public. This similarly illustrates the World States’ society’s desire to consume as many goods and products as they please, regularly throwing their old products away. Advances in…

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