Analysis Of The Novel ' Alice 's Wonderland ' Falls Under Two Main Genres : A Fairytale And A Short Story

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Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” falls under two main genres: a fairytale and a short story. This story works as a fairytale because of its anthropomorphic character (the white rabbit) and its larger than life details such as the unrealistically slow fall down the rabbit hole. This excerpt alone also functions as a short story due to its short length. However, if the story were to be presented in its original length/form the story would most likely only fit into the fairytale genre.

2. What is the exposition of the story? What is the rising action or actions in this story? What is the climax of this selection? What is the falling action in the story? What is the denouement in the story?

The exposition of the excerpt from, “Alice in Wonderland” is Alice sitting by her sister next to the riverbank. When Alice sees a talking rabbit with a pocket watch, her curiosity causes her to jump to her feet and chase after the rabbit, which begins the rising action. Alice then follows the rabbit down the abnormally deep rabbit-hole where at the end, she finds herself in a hallway full of doors. This leads Alice to the climax in the story where she learns that all of the doors are locked. Alice searches the hallway and comes across a table with a small golden key. Alice tries to unlock all of the doors but none will open. Feeling hopeless, Alice returns to look for another key on the table when she comes across a small 15-inch door, which opens using the golden key. Alice is…

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