Analysis Of The Novel ' A Country Doctor ' Essays

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There are a number of famous writers in the 20th century. George Orwell, an English novelist, illustrated a dystopian world of fascism. Anne Frank, a German-born diarist and writer, created the basis of Jewish victims of the Holocaust in many films. And, there was Franz Kafka, a Czech-born writer who wrote novels and short stories with enigmatic themes. In many of his work, a protagonist experiences peculiar events. For example, in “A Country Doctor,” the protagonist, a doctor in a small village, is stripped naked and lay next to his patient, and the patient’s family sings a religion-like song. On the other hand, in Metamorphosis, a protagonist, Gregor Samsa, turns into a large insect. In both stories, there is a theme that features the protagonist’s isolation from other characters. This is an important theme because it suggests that Kafka’s stories represent certain aspects of his own life.
In “A Country Doctor,” the protagonist, a doctor, needs to see the patient who is living ten miles away from his house, but he realizes that his horse had died yesterday. When he kicks open the door and enters pigsty, he sees a strange groom hunkering down and two horses. He uses these horses to see the patient, but at the same time, he leaves his maid. Rosa, with the groom, who aggressively kisses her, because he feels that he is owing a debt to the groom. When the protagonist arrives at the parish where the patient at, he tries to treat the patient, and he realizes that there is a…

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