Analysis Of The Nfl Star Michael Vick And Three Of His Associates

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In April 2007 illegal dogfighting was brought to the frontline of the nation’s attention by the NFL star Michael Vick and three of his associates. Vick was sentenced to up to 23 months in prison for housing and training 50 pit bull dogs, staging dog fights, killing dogs, and running a high stakes gambling ring that holds up to $26,000. Dogfighting is not just about the dogs, it is also about people involved in the operation. People too, can suffer the consequences as a result of dogfighting. The purpose of dogfighting is to watch two dogs be placed in a pit to fight each other for the viewer’s to gamble, and be entertained. Dogfighting matches last one to two hours, they end when either dog will not or cannot continue. In every way possible, dogfighting is wrong. Dogs are dying every day from this brutal “sport”. If they do not die, they are left physically and mentally damaged. Also, rare breeds are being made just to make stronger fighters, and are killed. Not only can dogs suffer, their owners suffer from committing the crime of dogfighting. I believe that dogfighting is wrong and that it does not benefit dogs, it instead enslaves them, kills them, and gives their master a chance at money and status.
Dogfighting is a vile blood “sport” that, hands down, shows a sign of abuse towards dogs. Breeders should not be able to torture dogs by forcing them to fight and be left to die, which is why it is illegal. Green agrees when she writes, “Dogfighting is so awful that it’s a…

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