Analysis Of The Newspaper That I Choose The Pennsylvania Evening Post, And The Dates Of September 6, 1779

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Pennsylvanian’s experience The newspaper that I choose was the “Pennsylvania evening post” and the dates of July 6, 1779, Nov. 8 1777, Jan. 10, 1782, and Sept. 25, 1783 as the key points for during the American Revolution. I am trying to gain the understanding of the war from the perspectives of Pennsylvanian’s citizens and how their daily life changes during the war. From what I understand that the overall experience for the Pennsylvanian’s citizens was somewhat fair since the war was not a home front battle as other colonies such as Boston or New York, as each article focus politics of America, the war, and society’s troubles, staring in 1776.
In the newspaper of the Pennsylvanian evening post on July 6, 1776, I chose this date because the declaration of independence was signed a few days ago in Pennsylvania and its importance in the local paper. To my surprise, the first two pages of the newspaper were dictated to the declaration of independence as the whole document was written in the newspaper; this shows that the Pennsylvania citizen’s needed to be informed what their city has become part of the war and be ready about the possibility of war. The next part of the paper was the advertisement, where I notice something particular about most of the ad’s theme. Most of the advertisement contains the selling of tea, about 1/3 of the adversities needed to sell tea and other high value raw goods. From my understanding, the citizens of Pennsylvanian are still supporting their…

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