Analysis Of The Narrative Structure Of The Film ' Candy Flat '

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For biopic, story development needs to follow the time line, the life of the characters in real life events in one of the major events or representative for recording, and then appear in the film. Viewers can accord the narrative sequence in the film, the protagonist of life, to achieve the goal of biography movie record life. Jane Campion uses cutting and framing to illustrate that her heroine who is Janet Frame’s lifecycle. This essay will take An Angel at My Table (1990) as an example to analyze the narrative structure of biopic.

As a female director by traditional British literature, she pursued imbalance of Anglo-Saxon aesthetics. Candy flat is a real sense of women directors, with women own Angle of view to see the world and human nature, she is the protagonist in the film is just a woman, the man just foil, and her heroine never have two distinctive characteristics, reaction against authority and the secular, and the pursuit of a strong personality and freedom. Her heroine is self-sealing of woman. As she said,” I think of my heroines as going into the underworld in a struggle to make sense of their lives. I think the real danger is in playing safe and avoiding the truth of your imagination in your art and in your life.”

Due to the particularity of biography genre, biography movie narrative structure and shooting style compared with other kinds of movies have a lot of different. Such as wearing and mental state of the characters in real life, people are in period of…

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