Essay on Analysis Of The Movie White Oleander

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This week was a pretty interesting week. We talked a great deal about the importance of stability and permanency in a foster child’s life. We watched the movie White Oleander. White Oleander is about a young girl thrown into the foster care system after her mother was convicted of first and sentenced to 35 years in prison. This movie brought a great deal of emotions about the foster care systems and about how important it is to have a good social worker. I felt anger towards the social worker in the movie, because she was extremely disconnected from the young girl. I do not want to be one of those type of social workers. I want to be involved in the foster child’s life and make a positive difference in his or her life. In the discussion we had after the movie, my training explained the importance of noticing the non-verbal signs children give off. This scares me because this means I will have to be on it, I cannot get caught up in my feelings regarding the child’s situation. Rather, I must be totally aware if the child is stunned, robot-like, or appearing to be shell-shocked. I am new to social work and this seems like an enourmous responsibility for one person to have. However, I remember that I am only one person that can be of great support for this child. My trainer explained the importance of building a support system. This registered with me because in my personal life I have built a support system and I do not know how I would make it without support.…

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