Analysis Of The Movie ' Wall E ' Essay examples

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At the surface, “Wall-E” is an enjoyable movie about a lonely robot, whose main task is to collect garbage on Earth. Beneath the surface, the movie is so much more, Wall-E is needed to save the planet from permanent destruction, while becoming smitten with EVE. When the audience first meets Wall-E, he is alone on Earth with nothing but a pet cockroach. Even though the planet is deemed as uninhabitable for humans, Wall-E must continue to follow his directive of cleaning the garbage off the planet everyday. While going about his daily routine, EVE, a high-tech shiny robot shows up. EVE is sent down to Earth to look for plant life or any sign of habitability. Together, Wall-E and EVE work together to help humans return to Earth. Not only is Wall-E an entertaining movie for kids, it is also a great movie to teach students about pollution, recycling, and technological dependencies. Students who watch this movie will want to make a difference, it practically serves a public service announcement to start recycling, cleaning up after themselves, and not falling into the over-consumption of products advertised by the media.
Pixar uses cute characters like Wall-E to demonstrate serious problems in the real world, such as misuse of the land, causing pollution and how it negatively affects the environment. The audience sees an Earth that is so desolate, brown, and features mountains made of garbage. Pixar creates Wall-E with sad eyes to represent the sadness he feels because of the…

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