Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' Two And Half Men '

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Two and Half Men is a sitcom that ran on air for twelve seasons from 2003 to 2015. For the purpose of this assignment, only season eleven is referenced. Walden, played by Ashton Kutcher, and Alan played by Jon Cryer are the two main characters, and Alan’s niece, Jenny, and their housekeeper Berta, are supporting characters. Although they are not a nuclear family, Jenny and Alan are extended family and Walden and Berta are their affiliated kin. Previous seasons include Charlie, played by Charlie Sheen, and Jake, Alan’s son. In season eleven, Jake is off in the military and Charlie has previously been killed by a train, despite his death, in the beginning of the season he played an important role. It is Charlie’s house the characters live in, Walden bought it after he died and Alan never left. Similar to most sitcoms, Two and a Half Men have diverse main characters so that most viewers can relate to at least one character. After viewing several episodes, the viewer has a better understanding of the characters’ relationships with one another, the stereotypes they portray, and their individual relevance to society based on their characteristics. Additionally, the sitcom represents multiple theoretical perspectives on families, including family ecology theory, conflict theory, and the feminist perspective. The dynamics of the household are ironic because as Jenny pointed out, she is the most masculine character and portrays more masculine stereotypes than Walden and Alan.…

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